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Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Opticon – MPCBs

Opticon MPCBs offer greater mechanical and electrical life and are available across 19 ratings with a complete bundle of accessories. Compact and built to exacting standards, Opticon’s uniformity makes it quick to install, while maintenance is made easy through a well-designed front cover.

Optipro – MCBs & RCDs

With a range up to 125A, Optipro MCBs and RCDs are high-functioning and very reliable. A complete bank of accessories allows for varied, cross-industry application. Detailed design and customisation is the result of a clear understanding of customer needs.

Optium – MCCBs

Indo Asian’s Optium MCCBs are adjustable, compact, and easily installed. They come in Fixed or Adjustable, Thermal Magnetic or Electronic variants. With a wide choice of accessories, Optium conforms to the IEC 60947-2 standard, and Class II Front Face for additional safety.

Optibreak – ACBs

Optibreak is a high-performance, high-quality range of ACBs that is easily installed, maintained and removable, with inbuilt, adjustable temperature protection. Optibreak comes with an array of accessories and high safety standards.

Caretron – MCBs & RCCBs

Our Caretron series of MCBs and RCCBs has been designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of protection. With a range comprising 105 SKUs, Caretron not only has a product for every need but also meets the highest quality standards.

HRC Fuses

Reliable, safe, simple and versatile, Indo Asian’s HRC Fuses present a number of features that are very advantageous, including low watt loss for longer life, and a very high breaking capacity.

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